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Russian Reloads

We specialize in the manufacturing of our Partizan Mk IV Berdan primer to boxer primer conversion system as well as supplying other needed items to reload your favorite cartridges.

We also carry many other items you will need for reloading from top manufacturers of our products we carry in our online store.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Give it a try and you will be very happy!

We can also make conversion systems for other berdan primered cartridges.  Just get a hold of us and we may be able to make you a custom conversion system.


Its about time someone made a system to convert the Berdan primers to Boxer Primers. This system makes it so easy to use!  I converted over 100 cartridges for my AK-47 already!!   I can't wait to take it out shooting now that I don't have to worry about ammo shortages! I am going to order one of your molds so I can cast my own bullets to go with it.”  - Ralph Simpson